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All Member Group

The All Member Group consists of one representative from each member institution.

eHLbc All Member Group representatives:

  • Determine the overall direction and strategic goals of the consortium during the Strategic Planning processes;
  • Have the final vote of approval for major financial decisions;
  • Provide guidance in the acquisition of new resources through participation in the Electronic Suggestion Box and Ranking Survey;
  • Engage their institution's/organisation's staff and administration for input, feedback, and communication of consortium needs when applicable;
  • Advocate on behalf of eHLbc at their home institutions/organisations and to other external stakeholders.


The All Member Group meets in-person (or online if necessary) biennially to discuss issues of importance to the consortium. Should a situation arise requiring input from all eHLbc members, an All Member Group meeting would be called.


Members of eHLbc are autonomous organizations with full authority over their own budgetary decisions. The business of the consortium must always strike a balance between the interests of individual members, the post-secondary and health sectors, and of eHLbc as a whole.
To do so, decision-making shall be determined by consensus. If consensus is not achievable, or it is inappropriate to the question, Robert’s Rules of Order will apply.
To promote consensus decision-making there must be:

  • Balanced representation from both sectors and full and affiliate members;
  • Agreement by all members to a transparent process of decision-making;
  • Active member participation in All Member Group deliberations and decisions;
  • Access to relevant, reliable, and timely information for decision-making.


There are currently 51 members representing their institutions at eHLbc All Member Group meetings. View All Member Group members.