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Benefits and Responsibilities for Members

eHLbc provides BC's and Yukon's health care and post-secondary communities with equitable access to evidence-based health resources. eHLbc's centralized approach to licensing resources leverages consortial buying power to achieve steep discounts for members. This page outlines the benefits, privileges, and responsibilities associated with eHLbc membership.


eHLbc serves as the catalyst for collaboration amongst health, government, and post-secondary organizations across BC and Yukon. This collaboration translates into benefits on many levels.

Benefits for Learners, Educators, Researchers, and Practitioners

  • Convenient, equitable access to high quality Core Suite and Boutique resources that support and improve practice, education and research as students and practitioners move from education to practice and back again.
  • Access to 800 e-books, 25 million bibliographic citations and abstracts, 5,500 full text journals, and 740,000 evidence-based reviews in the fields of nursing, medicine, pyschology, dentistry, and related health disciplines.

Financial Benefits for Member Organizations

  • Savings of 20-100% off list prices from leveraging consortial buying power on behalf of members;
  • Staff savings by reducing the need for each member institution to negotiate resource pricing and licensing agreements individually;
  • Reduced interlibrary loan costs and greater access to resources through consortial membership.

Administrative Benefits for Member Organizations

  • Support for database troubleshooting, platform migrations, invoicing, and statistical analysis;
  • Access to the eHLbc communications infrastructure for planning purposes, budgeting and change management.

Privileges for Member Organizations: Participation in Governance and Strategic Planning

eHLbc depends on the participation of member organizations in the governance of the consortium and in establishing strategic directions and priorities.

Member Requirements and Responsibilites

eHLbc's success as a consortium is a direct result of the collaboration between the post-secondary and health sectors who share in eHLbc's common priorities and goals.

eHLbc members must:

  • Be operational in British Columbia or Yukon;
  • Be part of a post-secondary institution or a health organization;
  • Subscribe to the Core Suite of resources;
  • Provide credible full time equivalent (FTE) staff or member or student numbers annually;
  • Have adequate and dedicated staffing levels to administer eHLbc licensed resources.

Further, all eHLbc members must:

  • Provide secure and authenticated access to resources, restricted to its bona fide members; 
  • Comply with the conditions and requirements of the various vendor licenses negotiated by eHLbc;
  • Pay administrative and licensing fees annually;
  • Attend eHLbc semi-annual All Member meetings.

Membership Fees

Member organizations pay an annual membership fee to cover Administrative Centre costs. See Fee Schedule for more information.