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How do I use the discussion forums?

The new eHLbc Forum can be accessed from the top Members > Forum menu item or directly here:

Login to your eHLbc account using your email address to access the eHLbc Forum and other member-only website features.

Navigating the eHLbc Forum

  • The eHLbc Forum includes multiple Discussions (sections within the forum) with Topics (threads within each discussion) and Posts (within a topic/thread). Members can  post within an existing Topic; or create new Topics (threads) if your topic does not exist.
  • Forum tabs are available including View Forums (all forums) and New & Updated Topics.
  • Discussions containing new posts have a yellow bell yellow-bell-new-posts beside them while discussions with no new posts since your last visit have a white bell white-bell-no-new-posts.

Discussion Forums

  • Multiple Discussions are available within the eHLbc Forum including Introduce Yourself, General Discussion, User Training, Troubleshooting and more.
  • Click on a Discussion to check-out all the Topics (threads) posted to that discussion forum.
  • Aren't sure which Discussion to post your topic or wish to request a new Discussion forum? Contact for assistance.

Topic (thread) Notifications

  • Within a Discussion, multiple topics or threads are available. For example the "introductions" topic/thread is available within the "Introduce Yourself" discussion. Post in a topic already in progress or create a new thread within a discussion forum!
  • Sticky Posts or pinned posts are indicated by this iconand include important information regarding a topic or discussion. Want to request a thread be pinned? Contact for assistance.
  • New Posts are indicated by the   icon or  icon for new hot topics.
  • Hot Topics are indicated by the  icon or  icon for new hot topics.
  • Locked Topics are indicated by the icon. Threads may be locked if they should no longer be updated but may still be relevant. Please start a new thread on your topic or contact if you have any questions about a locked topic or would like to request a topic locked.
  • Closed Topics are indicated by the icon. Threads may be closed if they are off-topic or not suited for the eHLbc forums. Contact if you have questions about a closed topic.

Posting and Replying

  • Within a topic, use the Post reply button  to add a new post to the bottom of a thread.
  • You can also reply to a specific user's post by using the reply  button found below their message.
  • Use the HTML wysiwyg editor to format your post/reply: 
  • Members can also edit  or delete  their own posts. Need assistance with a post? Contact the moderators at for help.

Viewing Messages by User

  • Click on a user's name within the forum to view their contact information and a list of messages they've posted to the discussion forums (must be logged in to view). A member's message list can be used to quickly check for their responses to multiple topics!

Need assistance? Contact us for technical assistance at