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Is there a limit to the number of citations I can export from eHLbc databases?

Ovid databases limit the number of citations that can be exported for use in RefWorks or other citation management programs. Contact Ovid Technical Support directly to increase the limit from 200 to up to 10,000 exports. Due to browser and connectivity limitations, Ovid recommends setting a limit of 2,000 citations for export and also recommend using Firefox or Chrome (not Internet Explorer) when exporting citations.

Why do we receive the "IP address is already assigned" error message when we try to update our IP address(es) in EBSCOAdmin?

a) Solution: Check with your Technical Support department to ensure that the IP address(es) you are trying to enter are correct.

b) Solution: Another organization may have entered your IP address into their site profile in error. Contact the vendor or the eHLbc Administrative Centre for assistance with resolving the problem.

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