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2017-18 Ranking Survey Outcomes Report

eHLbc will explore the three top ranked products (listed below) for potential consortial licensing. This page will be updated as investigations wrap up.

  • Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA)
    Pricing was investigated in conjunction with the core suite renewal in 2018. Because of the significant existing subscription base, limited ability to secure substantial discounts from the publisher, and the expense of the product, it was determined that eHLbc would not proceed with further negotiations.
  • Health Business Full Text (EBSCO)
    Pricing was requested and received, but was extremely high and could not be negotiated to a more appropriate level. The decision was made not to continue with further negotiations
  • Nursing & Allied Health Database (ProQuest)
    Pricing was requested and received from the vendor. Pricing was high, and there was substantial overlap in coverage between this resource and CINHAL. It was determined that the new content that would be added through subscription was not worth the high price (after taking into account duplication.

Other products with a high score on the ranking survey included: EMBASE, the Rehabilitation Reference Center, Joanna Briggs Institute EBP Database, and Bates' Visual Guide. eHLbc will monitor licensing opportunities for these products and will alert members if an opportunity arises.

    The price for EMBASE continues to be far too high for it to be a possible subscription for the vast majority of eHLbc members. A smaller, niche product called EMCARE was investigated as a potential alternative. Content and pricing were investigated; then members were surveyed on their interest. Despite being interesting content at a good price, members were uninterested in actively subscribing to indexes like this that do not have full text content. It was determined, therefore, that eHLbc would not proceed further with negotiations.
  • Joanna Briggs EBP Database
    Successfully licensed in 2018 via national negotiations through Consortia Canada.