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Reports & Statistics

Many eHLbc vendors provide statistics through online report modules or via email. Check the information below for EBSCO & OVID statistics. For all other eHLbc licensed resources, please check the Full Resource Details - USAGE STATISTICS section of that resource for statistics information.

Need additional assistance with reports & statistics? Please contact the vendor or eHLbc for assistance!

EBSCO Reports & Statistics

EBSCO makes reports & statistics available from their EBSCOAdmin module including database usage (sessions, searches & full text requests) and counter R4 &R5 compliant reports.

OVID Reports & Statistics

OVID provides separate OVID WebStats which has reports & statistics available on database usage (sessions, searches & full text requests) as well as Counter 4 statistics. They also have a new separate statistics module available for Counter 5 statistics. Your current Ovid WebStats Username/Password should work with both modules.

  1. Counter 4 WebStats Module
  2. Counter 5 WebStats Module

Don't have access to the OVID WebStats modules? Complete the stats request form. If you're unable to access your account try the Forgot your password? link or contact for assistance.

Check Ovid Support & Training for live Webstats introductions and recorded tutorials or contact or eHLbc for further assistance!