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Custom URLs and JumpStarts Guide

Custom URLs within EBSCO and JumpStarts in OVID provide direct access to specific databases, profiles, interfaces, journal titles/articles or resources.

Need additional assistance updating or troubleshooting your custom URLs and jumpstarts? Please contact us!

EBSCO Custom URLS and Permalinks to Articles, Journals & Searches

Custom URLs can be manually created to direct users to a particular EBSCO database using the Database Short Name List (Product Codes)

Most organisations use the basic EBSCO URLs but you can construct more complex URLs that direct patrons to a specific profile (eg. remote users) to collect statistics on that group or specify a particular type of authentication (eg. referrer url authentication).

If you are creating complex links we recommend using the EBSCO Direct URL Builder below instead of manually creating them. 

You can also create permanent or persistent links to EBSCO articles, journal titles or custom searches.


OVID Custom Jumpstart URLs & Database Short Names

Direct users to a particular OVID database using the Ovid Database Shortnames and custom "jumpstarts".

Most organisations use the basic OVID URLs but you can manually construct more complex URLs that direct patrons to a specific set of databases or search interface (eg. Advanced Search). Please note that elements of OVID jumpstart URLs are case-sensitive.

You can also create permanent OVID URLs to full-text articles, custom searches, saved searches, journal issue lists, issue table of contents and browseable categories using OVID's guides and Email Jumpstart feature.

  • Use the Ovid Jumpstart Utility to create custom jumpstarts to Ovid Journals & Ovid Books (leave the Username/Password blank for IP or Ezproxy authentication).
  • To create a permanent link to a full-text article within OVID use the Email Jumpstart or Email PDF Jumpstart option displayed below. Email or copy and paste the jumpstart URL.