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Custom Start URLs and Persistent Links Guide

Custom starting URLs can be created, for many eHLbc resources, which provide direct access to specific databases, profiles & interfaces. As well as, persistent or permanent links to specific journal articles, publications or searches.

Need assistance updating or troubleshooting your custom and persistent URLs? Please contact us!

Custom Start URLS

  • EBSCO Custom URLs: Check-out the EBSCO Direct URL Builder to create your starting links for EBSCO databases. You can indicate your desired authentication methods (eg. IP, Referrer URL or User ID Login) as well as add your Ezproxy prefix or a specific group of users. Please check-out the EBSCO Help or contact us for assistance if you've forgotten your Customer ID or would like some assistance using the builder.
  • Ovid Custom URLs: Use the Ovid Jumpstart Utilities to create custom jumpstarts (starting URLs) to Ovid Databases. Or manually construct links to direct users to a particular OVID database using the Ovid Database Shortnames and custom "jumpstarts". Please note that elements of OVID jumpstart URLs are case-sensitive. 
  • Generic URLs: Generic URLs are available from the Full Resource Details section under each eHLbc eResource.

Persistent or Permanent URLS

You can also create permanent or persistent links to EBSCO & Ovid articles, journal titles or custom searches.