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Clinical Skills

Elsevier's Clinical Skills combines over 1,400 evidence-based skills and procedures with competency management features to create a powerful resource for nurses, therapists and other clinicians. It helps address the need for both care consistency and competency validation, while positioning you in alignment with key standards of care.

The benefits of Clinical Skills include:

  • Streamlines skills and procedures development and competency management, allowing you to focus more on patient care
  • References The Joint Commission Patient Safety Goals in applicable skills and ensures that procedures are aligned with the latest professional guidelines
  • Reviewed and updated annually, with more frequent updates when regulatory or professional practice standards change
  • Integrates with your EHR to provide clinicians access to information they need at the point of care
  • Works with other Elsevier solutions, such as Performance Manager (EPM), Clinical eLearning, ClinicalKey for Nursing and Care Planning

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Last updated: January 4, 2018

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