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Anatomy.TV (2012 Purchase)

Primal Pictures created the world's most detailed, accurate, and evidence-based 3D reconstruction of human anatomy. Primal's experts produced our model using real scan and imaging data. Advanced academic research and hundreds of thousands of development hours underpin its creation, exhaustively peer reviewed so you can use our solutions with confidence.

For Educators

Highly accurate solutions covering key concepts in gross and microanatomy, and physiology and movement, from specially curated, ready-made 3D models supported by an extensive array of multimedia materials.

Enliven course materials, lectures and online learning. Easily embed dynamic images and content into your proprietary environment for the ultimate learning experience and student outcomes. Motivate diversified learning styles, experiences and environments through flexible, consistent web-based access – any device, 24/7.

For Practitioners

Primal Pictures seamlessly delivers the most accurate, relevant, and accessible 3D anatomy resources to enhance and inspire the practice of medicine and healthcare. Primal’s market-leading anatomy brings essential clarity and evidence-based accuracy to support diagnosis, treatment planning and ongoing patient education – across the spectrum of clinical specialities.

Access and engage anytime, anywhere through flexible, consistent web-based access – 24/7. Explain and communicate injuries, diagnosis and treatment plans more effectively with patients. Facilitate patient understanding of affected anatomy, and promote better compliance and outcomes with Primal’s accurate, reliable and easy-to-understand anatomy content. Enhance your practice, aid research and reference, and support staff training.

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Last updated: December 21, 2020