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Anatomy.TV (Primal Pictures)

Anatomy & Physiology Online

Anatomy and Physiology Online (APO), a product developed by Primal Pictures, is designed to enhance anatomy and physiology curriculums.

With 19 body system modules – complete with clear 3D images, comprehensive text, clinical and case studies, learning objectives and quizzes – APO provides all of the online, supplemental material needed to support a 2-semester anatomy and physiology course. 

APO was designed to support learning objectives. Teaching tools enliven the classroom while supporting different learning styles. Guided-learning resources give students study material that continue their education outside of the classroom.


Primal Pictures is a comprehensive selection of dynamic, interactive modules featuring more than 6,500 highly accurate, three-dimensional anatomy models. Modules focus on individual organs, regions of the body, or anatomical systems. Whether they’re in clinical practice, rehabilitation, education, or research, whether they’re generalists or specialists, users have seamless access to three-dimensional animations that illustrate accurate anatomical function, biomechanics, and movement, as well as treatments and surgical procedures.

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Last updated: March 13, 2018