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A Message from eHLbc Leadership

Head and shoulders shot of Sunni Nishimura. She smiles at the camera. She has chin length curly black hair and glasses. She is wearing fall colours (oranges, reds, and golds) and stands in front of a green tree.
October 25, 2023

From Sunni Nishimura, New BC ELN Executive Director

As I transition into my new role as the Executive Director of BC ELN, I would like to say thank you for the many messages of support and congratulations that have come my way. In this role I will be collaborating closely with the eHLbc consortium, including serving on the eHLbc Management Committee. I feel incredibly privileged to be a part of the eHLbc community, and I am excited to serve you in this capacity.

My first two months as ED have been about grounding, adapting, and creating space for progress. I brought Office staff together for a two-day retreat in September where we reflected on our team's needs and values, and strategized ways of harnessing our unique strengths and differences to improve the way we work together. We also spent time clarifying roles, setting project timelines, and redistributing tasks for continuity until new eHLbc/BC ELN staff are hired.

Looking to the months ahead, my objectives are to establish stability by hiring for vacant positions and to deepen connections by meeting with eHLbc member organizations to understand the role eHLbc plays in our larger network. This will be an ongoing process, and I am looking forward to reaffirming the strong bonds among eHLbc member organizations, while also recognizing and celebrating the diversity that strengthens our resilience as a consortium.