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DSM-5 Library / PsychiatryOnline Remote Access

December 6, 2017

Consortia Canada has notified members that DSM-5 Library / PsychiatryOnline has started redirecting from HTTP to HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure). Some proxy servers or Ezproxy configurations may need to be updated to restore access.

On-site access should work correctly but some off-site access proxy servers are unable to re-direct to HTTPS and may need the published access URL and configuration stanza updated from HTTP to HTTPS.

For example update your Ezproxy configuration to include a starting URL with HTTPS.

Title PsychiatryOnline (American Journal of Psychiatry)

And also update the access URL published on your website pages to include HTTPS eg.

Ezproxy may also need to be updated to a version that uses upgraded transport layer security protocol TLS 1.2 (eg. Ezproxy v6.2). Even if your redirect is currently working we recommend updating your configuration and URLs to avoid future issues.

Please test your access to this resource and let us know if you encounter any problems and are unable to resolve the issue after updating your proxy configuration and URLs!