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Alexander Street Press Video Online Renewal

Alexander Street Press Video Online Renewal

*** Response Deadline: January 31, 2018 ***

Renewal pricing is now available for ProQuest's Alexander Street Press Video Online. This is a joint eHLbc / BC ELN license. Pricing for health-related collections is available through eHLbc, while BC ELN is offering pricing for all other Alexander Street Press video collections. Pricing has increased by 3% over last year's prices.  

eHLbc post-secondary member institutions should refer to the BC ELN Alexander Street Press renewal for additional subject collections not related to health.

Vendor Description: 

Alexander Street Press Video Online is an integrated, modular platform for the delivery of streaming video, offering users unlimited full-length access to the largest, most comprehensive collection of academic video online.

Pricing for the following, and additional, health video collections is available through eHLbc:

Subscription Information: 
License Term: January 1, 2018 - December 31, 2018
Response Instructions: 

To RENEW, no response is required from:

  • Camosun College - Rehabilitation Therapy in Video; Sports Medicine and Exercise Science in Video: Volume I
  • North Island College - Nursing Assessment in Video; Nursing Assistant Education in Video

To JOIN, CANCEL, or CHANGE OPTIONS, contact the eHLbc Administrative Centre by January 31, 2018.



To RENEW, no action is required from the following libraries: - See more at: http://ehlbc.ca/trials-renewals/837#sthash.cKnAdMzu.dpuf
To view pricing info, please log into the e-HLbc site using the orange LOGIN button at the top of this page.
Free Trial Access: 
To view a link to the free trial, please log into the e-HLbc site using the orange LOGIN button at the top of this page.
Late Subscription: 

Late subscriptions are welcome.

Please Note: This Renewal is not currently active. This documentation is for reference only.
Staff Contact: 

MARC records are included with the subscription.