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2021-22 Ranking Survey Outcomes Report

eHLbc will explore the top-ranked products for potential consortial licensing. This page will be updated as investigations wrap up.

  • Bates' Visual Guide (including OSCEs)
    Throughout 2021, the eHLbc Licensing Team worked on negotiations with the vendor (Ovid). However, after several months, eHLbc was forced to step away from negotiations as consensus could not be reached on consortial pricing that would be more advantageous to libraries than to individual organizations. This did not meet eHLbc's Licensing Principles so a consortial offer could not be pursued at this time. Individual members who are interested in Bates' are encouraged to reach out to the vendor directly, who may offer more favourable pricing to individual organizations.
  • Medline Complete
    Successfully licensed in early 2022. After the eHLbc Core Suite Team explored the feasibility of including an upgrade to MEDLINE Complete in the Core Suite renewal, the team found that this change would have meant a significant price increase for all members and not all members were interested in the additional resources. As such, eHLbc negotiated pricing for an opt-in offer for MEDLINE Complete. MEDLINE Complete will be an eHLbc boutique license, invoiced separately from the Core Suite, and will be offered as an annual renewal beginning April 1.
  • BMJ Journals & Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA)
    Vendors were not able to bring pricing to the table that works with the Canadian market, eHLbc’s membership blend and large existing subscriber base. While investigations did not result in pricing that would be possible for our membership, this may be investigated again in the future. 
  • Practice-Based Evidence in Nutrition 
    Discussions ongoing.
  • RxFiles
    Discussions ongoing.