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Premier Human Anatomy Package

The Primal Pictures Premier Human Anatomy Package provides perpetual access to all content and platform updates to Anatomy.TV  that have been recently added, except the Disease & Conditions module, as well as unlimited simultaneous users access.

This offer is available to all eHLbc members including original 2012 subscribers to perpetual Anatomy.TV, participants of the 2016 upgrade and new eHLbc members. This resource offer includes the following:

2020 Content & Technical Updates (from the vendor):

  • Perpetual access to the 2020 version of Primal Pictures products Anatomy.TV and Human Anatomy & Physiology Resources with unlimited simultaneous users access.
  • PALMs (Perceptual Adaptive Learning Modules)
    • A standalone interactive online adaptive tool that combines research-proven learning techniques with the most medically accurate 3D models of human anatomy. More information in PALM FAQs.
    • 9 learning modules covering regional anatomy designed to tailor to each learner with research-proven perceptual and adaptive learning techniques and interactive format.
    • Provides assessment tools allowing faculty to proactively evaluate groups or individuals.
  • Technical Platform
    • HTML5: New user interface with updated HTML5 accessibility compatible with new browsers, such as Chrome & Firefox, without the use of flash.
    • 3D Embed Function: Allows faculty to embed content directly into their LMS, school page, or other location.
    • Universal Smart Search: Gather focused results in seconds, giving faculty and students more direct and relevant results to their searches.
  • 2020 Additional Updates
  • *Disease & Conditions Module (not included)
    • Disease & Conditions is a complete workflow from normal to diseased anatomy which solves the challenge of finding a single trusted content source tailored for patient education.
    • Images, animations and guided videos are fully integrated and searchable in Primal’s Smart Search, ensuring users can find condition-specific content in context with normal anatomy.
    • *Please contact us directly for information and pricing to subscribe to the new Disease & Conditions module also. This additional module is only available to ehHLbc members that subscribe to this Primal Pictures Premier Human Anatomy Package as it requires the new HTML5 platform. Five (5) year pricing available but not perpetual access.

Last updated: December 2, 2020