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e-Box FAQ

When can I submit suggestions to the e-Box?

You will have approximately one month to add suggestions for new products to the e-Box.  The e-Box closed at 5:00pm on Friday, May 12, 2017.  Suggestions submitted after the closing date will not be considered for licensing during this round of product selection.

Who can submit suggestions to the e-Box?

All full and affiliate members are invited to participate in the new product selection process.  All librarians and library staff may add suggestions to the e-Box, so please pass this information along to all appropriate staff at your institution.  Any number of staff from a single member institution may add suggestions to the e-Box.  Please note, however, that only one representative from each institution can vote in the Ranking Survey for their institution's preferred products.

How many suggestions can I make?

There is no limit!  You may add any number of suggestions to the e-Box so long as you do so within the period the e-Box is open.

Will all my suggestions be considered for investigation?

All suggested products should meet the following criteria to be included in the ranking survey: 

  • Related to a health discipline;
  • Electronic or web-based;
  • Not already licensed by another consortium;
  • Contains minimal content overlap with products currently licensed by e-HLbc;

Products that were investigated for licensing in the past, and were found to not be affordable or to not offer a fair and equitable pricing model, may not be considered for consortial licensing during the current product selection process.

How does e-HLbc decide which products to investigate?

The results of the ranking survey will largely determine which products e-HLbc investigates for consortial licensing. Other criteria considered in choosing the products to investigate further include content, functionality, technical requirements, cost, and management. Of course, the vendor or publisher must be willing to work with consortia.  

Will my institution be obligated to acquire the products I suggest?

Do not worry!  Nominating a product will not oblige your institution to acquire that product.

Still have questions?

More information about the product selection process is available on the e-HLbc website.  Please contact the e-HLbc Administrative Centre with all other inquiries.