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Core Suite & Boutique Resources

e-HLbc offers two types of licensing opportunities: core suite licensing and boutique licensing. Both offer members an opportunity to grow their collections by leveraging larger consortial numbers to garner the best pricing.

Core Suite of Resources

Members automatically gain access to the core suite of resources when they join e-HLbc. The core suite gives your users access to 12 million bibliographic citations and abstracts for 6,148 journals, 5,100 full text journals, and 740,000 records to evidence-based reviews. The core suite covers topics in nursing, evidence-based medicine, psychology, psychiatry, and countless other disciplines in the health sciences.

The suite consists of the following resources:

  • The Biomedical Reference Collection
  • CINAHL Complete
  • EBMR (Evidence Based Medicine Reviews including the Cochrane Collection)
  • LWW Total Access Collection (Lippincott Williams & Wilkins Total Access Collection)
  • Medline (Medical Literature Analysis and Retrieval System Online) (Ovid)
  • Medline With Full Text (EBSCO)
  • PsycINFO

Boutique Licenses

With e-HLbc boutique licenses, consortium members may choose to opt-in or out of participating, as their priorities and budget dictate. Participation is not required. Currently, e-HLbc offers a number of optional boutique licenses and is actively working towards bringing members more licensing opportunities in the future. Please see our resources page for a full list of consortially licensed resources.