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Referrer URL Set-Up Guide

This eHLbc Referrer (or Referer) URL guide is designed to assist with setting up your eHLbc resources for Referrer URL authentication. Please also check-out our FAQ for common questions and answers when using referrer URLs to authenticate.

New! eHLbc Referrer Set-up Video Guide [4m ; MP4]eHLbc Referrer Patron Video Guide [90s ; MP4]

Need additional assistance updating or troubleshooting your referrer URL authentication? Please contact us.

Referrer (or Referer) URL Authentication Set-up:

Steps for using referrer URL authentication:

  1. Create a private web page on your organisation website or intranet that is only accessible to your logged in members.
  2. Publish links to the eHLbc library resources to your website. Generic URLs for each resource can be found under Full Details on each resource page or check-out our Custom Start URLs guide for assistance creating your own. Warning: If your website page starts with HTTPS then your EBSCO database URLs should also start with HTTPS. Check-out the set-up video [4m ; MP4] and Troubleshooting FAQ for more information.
  3. Contact us with the Referrer URL where your library databases are published by copying the URL directly from your browser. Check-out the set-up video [4m ; MP4] for an example.
  4. We will update your EBSCOAdmin authentication with the referrer URL information.
  5. Your members must login to your website then click on the links directly from your library web page to authenticate & access the resources. Check out the patron video [90s ; MP4] for more information and troubleshooting tips for your patrons.

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