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EBSCO Discovery Service (EDS) Offer 2014-2015

Response Deadline: 
May 15, 2014

Subscription Term


July 1, 2014


June 30, 2015

Working together with BC ELN, e-HLbc is happy to offer a subscription to EBSCO's Discovery Service (EDS).

Pricing given for health authorities and other organizations without library catalogues represents a discount off of list price. In addition, e-HLbc will benefit from BC ELN's participation discounts. Based on current subscriber numbers, e-HLbc member libraries will enjoy a 10% participation discount off of the negotiated base price listed below.


Further discounts for the health authorities have been negotiated:

  • The base price for Fraser Health and Vancouver Coastal Health has decreased by $8,500 to $16,500. With the expected 10% discount the new price is $14,850.
  • The based price for Interior Health Authority, Provicial Health Services Authority, and Vancouver Island Health Authority has decreased by $500 to $16,500. With the expected 10% discount the new price is $14,850.

Updated pricing may be found below.

Registration and schedules for live webinars highlighting the features and functionality of EDS can be accessed from the EBSCO Training Centre:


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Additional Information

  1. License Start Date - July 1, 2014 is the license start date. However, BC ELN has negotiated rolling implementation. That means that those institutions who join the EDS subscription early could get a few months of free access once EDS has been set up for their institutions.
  2. 3 Year Commitment - EBSCO has agreed to an annual license; however, to lock in these deep discounts, BC ELN and e-HLbc have negotiated a 3 year good faith commitment for participants. Of course, in the case of economic emergencies, institutions may drop at the annual renewal with no penalty.
  3. Price increases - BC ELN and e-HLbc have negotiated that price increases for EDS will be no more than 3% annually over the next 3 years.
  4. Participation Discounts - Participation discounts will be locked in for 2 years after the 2014 response deadline passes. At the 2016 renewal, participation discounts will be re-evaluated.