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Canadian Health Research Collection Renewal 2012-2013

Response Deadline: 
December 7, 2012

Subscription Term


January 1, 2013


December 31, 2013

Pricing is now available for the Gibson Library Connections' Canadian Health Reference Collection (CHRC) Renewal. e-HLbc has negotiated pricing, including significant consortial discounts on both the initial purchase of the collection as well as annual updates:

  • New licensors will see ~20% discount off of list price.
  • Existing licensors can experience up to a 40% discount off of list price.

In most cases, costs for new subscribers has increased approximately 9% from last year to account for the addition of approximately 1,500 titles. e-HLbc has negotiated with the vendor a decrease in costs for new health authority subscribers so that their prices are aligned with those in the post-secondary sector.

e-HLbc has negotiated a minimal annual update increase of 3%.  

Please note that all e-HLbc pricing (for both existing and new subscribers) represents a significant discount off of the list price for this product.