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Electronic Suggestion Box & Ranking Survey

e-HLbc's New Product Selection Process

Every few years, e-HLbc puts out a call for member institutions to suggest new products which they feel should be considered for licensing by the consortium.  Member institutions are invited to nominate products that are related to the health disciplines and are assumed to be consistent with the mission and the research goals of the submitting institution. 

All staff of full and affiliate member institutions may submit new product suggestions via the Electronic Suggestion Box (e-Box), an online webform on the e-HLbc website.  A final list of products generated by e-HLbc members are published in the e-Box Output Report.  Full and affiliate member institutions are then asked to vote for their preferred products in an online Ranking Survey.

The results of the ranking survey guide e-HLbc's acquisition priorities in the coming year.  You can read more about the new product selection process on the Choosing Resources section of the e-HLbc website. See also the e-Box FAQ for questions on nominating products to the e-Box.

Electronic Suggestion Box (e-Box)

The e-HLbc Electronic Suggestion Box (e-Box) allows member institutions to suggest new products to be considered for licensing by the consortium.  

e-Box Output Report

The e-Box Output Report contains the final list of all products that will be considered for consortial licensing.  Included in the list are suggested products that did not meet the criteria for licensing by the consortium, and an explanation for their removal from the final list that will be included in the Ranking Survey.

Ranking Survey

The Ranking Survey allows member institutions to vote for their preferred choices among the products nominated in the e-Box.

Ranking Survey Reports

Based on the results of the Ranking Survey, the e-HLbc Administrative Centre will select products that are highly ranked across all sectors to investigate for licensing by the consortium.

Product Selection Process Feedback

At the end of every product selection process, the e-HLbc Administrative Centre will request feedback from members via a feedback survey.