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Clinical Skills

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January 1, 2017
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December 31, 2017

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Meeting the highest standards of safety and consistency is essential to the health of your patients—and your organization. But improving decisions at the point of care requires standardized education, and that nurses, therapists and other health professionals have access to best practices and the latest evidence-based information.

Elsevier Clinical Skills combines evidence-based content, including over 1,300 skills, with robust competency management. It puts educators and administrators in control by giving them the ability to customize content, assign skills and perform assessments, and empowers clinicians to deliver high-quality patient care with confidence.

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e-HLbc's Clinical Skills subscription includes Clinical Skills Core and three optional add-on modules:

  1. Pediatric Acute and Critical Care Nursing and Pediatric Emergency Nursing
  2. Perioperative Nursing
  3. Respiratory Care
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Evidence-based skills
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