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Members make e-HLbc what it is — a consortium for collaboration, support, training, and for the sharing of information resources that fosters cross-sectoral partnership in the selection, acquisition, and management of BC’s electronic health library information resources.

Together, e-HLbc members share:

  • knowledge and expertise to improve efficiencies and services;
  • resources to address common needs and increase cost savings; and
  • best practices and standards to advance health information librarianship and improve access to resources for health students and professionals across British Columbia.

e-HLbc has more than 50 member institutions, and benefits approximately 400,000 health students, researchers, and practitions at hospitals, organizations, colleges and universities across BC and Yukon.

e-HLbc's Membership Pledge is a triennial report on the benefits and responsibilities of membership in the e-HLbc consortium.  It includes detailed information about the the overall costs of membership, cost allocation between sectors, and the membership fees for individual member institutions.

If your organization is not already a member, become a part of e-HLbc today and start experiencing the benefits of networking, cost savings, and collaboration.