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Promotional Materials

This page is intended especially for use by e-HLbc consortium members. Please visit this page regularly to access new materials that can serve as communication tools within your organizations.

e-HLbc Logos

  • Logo with tagline : JPG
  • Logo without tagline : JPG

e-HLbc Brochure

  • 2006 Brochure : PDF
  • 2007 Brochure : PDF
  • 2008 Brochure : PDF
  • 2009 Brochure : PDF

e-HLbc Fact Sheets

  • 2007 e-HLbc Fact Sheet : PDF
  • 2008 e-HLbc Fact Sheet : PDF
  • 2009 e-HLbc Fact Sheet : PDF

e-HLbc Tips and Tricks Postcards

  • 2008 Postcard Series : PDF

e-HLbc Banner

e-HLbc PowerPoint Presentation

  • Powerpoint Slide Presentation prepared by the marketing and communications team. Please click on each slide page to display the information or to advance the slides.

Other Promotional Materials

  • The Medical Library Association has a useful page of resources that aim to be "a first step in helping hospital librarians communicate with other leaders in their institutions about the true value of librarians and library services":