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July 1, 2019


June 30, 2020

Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary Loan: 
ILL Permissions Summary: 

4.1 Members . . . may supply a library of a non-Member (whether by post, fax or secure transmission, using Ariel or its equivalent, whereby the electronic file is deleted immediately after printing), for the purposes of research or private study. . .


Ereserves Permissions Summary: 

5.1  Members, subject to clause 6 below, may incorporate parts of the Licensed Materials Electronic Reserves collections for the use of Authorized Users in the course of instruction at a Member, but not for Commercial Use.

Course packs are not permitted unless Licensee receives permission from the publishers directly. Licensee and Authorized Users may use a reasonable portion of the Licensed Materials for use in connection with specific courses . . . unless such use is prohibited by the publisher in the copyright statement within the individual record. The Harvard Business Review specifically forbids Electronic Reserve.

About the eResource

This database covers sports medicine subjects, including nutrition, physical therapy, occupational health and therapy, exercise physiology, and kinesiology. [from vendor]