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ConsortiaManager Transition 2022

Updated May 4, 2022

eHLbc, along with its sister consortium BC ELN, is migrating to ConsortiaManager, a tool that will enable member organizations to manage their electronic resource licenses in one convenient location.


Prompted by the need to find a tool that would replace the consortium’s current licensing and billing infrastructure, eHLbc explored options through 2021. ConsortiaManager was selected as it offers several key benefits to the consortium:

  • Greater efficiencies in eHLbc’s licensing and invoicing processes
  • A cost-effective alternative to developing custom tools
  • Increased customization for member organizations
  • Joining a larger Canadian consortial community of practice using ConsortiaManager

Savings and efficiencies are also generated by the fact that both eHLbc and BC ELN are moving to ConsortiaManager in tandem.


In February 2022, eHLbc and BC ELN formed a joint transition team to steward the move to ConsortiaManager. At a high level, the transition plan is as follows:

  • PHASE 1 (February): In consultation with ConsortiaManager staff, complete a thorough inventory of workflows required to support eHLbc invoicing and billing activities.
  • PHASE 2 (March-April): Migrate data from eHLbc’s current licensing/billing systems to ConsortiaManager; set up organization accounts and contacts.
  • PHASE 3 (April-May): Orient eHLbc staff to updated ConsortiaManager workflows and test use-cases.
  • PHASE 4 (June-July): Orient member organization staff to ConsortiaManager and provide support via training sessions, FAQ sessions, and staff office hours.
  • PHASE 5 (July-December): Initial member troubleshooting, further data clean up, adjustments to workflows, license terms and agreements update.

We estimate wrapping up the transition in June 2022, but this timeline may need to be adjusted depending on progress. We will update this page as needed.

FAQs about ConsortiaManager Contacts

What exactly is the “Designated Contact”? What kind of emails would be sent to them?

The designated contact is the fallback person to receive messages in cases where there is nobody configured to receive a particular message or messages fail to arrive in the configured mailbox. For example: if an institution’s only billing contact departs the institution and a replacement hasn't yet been configured, the designated contact will receive any invoices that are sent out, even if the designated contact isn’t on the billing list.

Do "Administrators" automatically get billing (invoice) messages?

No. "Administrator" refers only to the privileges the user has within the system. In order to make sure that a person receives invoices, they must be made a billing contact as well.

Does ConsortiaManager messaging only apply to licensing? Will there still be other BC ELN teams/lists for services like Arca or AskAway, etc.?

Yes. Messages sent through ConsortiaManager only apply to actvities around licensing and invoicing for electronic resources. Other BC ELN services such as Arca, AskAway, Illume, and WriteAway will continue to communicate using respective listservs.