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What is "unrecoverable GST" and do we have to pay it?

The unrecoverable GST (Goods and Services Tax) is the amount of tax remaining after the rebate from the federal government. The whole GST rate is 5%. SFU, eHLbc's host institution, claims a 67% rebate for purchases related to educational services. The unrecoverable GST is therefore reduced to 1.65%.  This unrecoverable portion of the tax is passed on to member institutions for payment as part of their licensing invoice.

What was the exchange rate used?

The exchange rates used are posted on the eHLbc Members' Invoices web page. At the top of the page, select the fiscal year you would like to view. The exchange rates are located in the member invoices table for that year. This rate is determined by the rate Simon Fraser University (SFU), eHLbc's host institution, uses to pay the vendor invoice.  The date the vendor invoice was issued determines which SFU house rate is used. 

Why is the amount on the invoice more than the amount on the renewal page?

Pricing on the eHLbc Offers & Renewals web page for boutique licenses is quoted in the currency billed by the vendor and does not include unrecoverable GST. Very frequently, eHLbc is billed by vendors in US dollars. We then invoice members in Canadian dollars. The price of resources will change based on the exchange rate as well as the addition of unrecoverable GST.  

Why can't I see my invoice on the eHLbc website?

Depending on the number of boutique resources your institution subscribes to, you may receive more or fewer invoices than other institutions.  If you do not see an invoice for your institution in eHLbc's Online Billing System, it is likely that your institution does not license the resource(s) being invoiced.  If, however, an invoice for a resource you did subscribe to was not posted on the eHLbc website, please contact the eHLbc Administrative Centre for assistance.


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