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Key Documents

e-HLbc Year in Review

The e-HLbc Year in Review provides members and stakeholders with in-depth information about e-HLbc's activities, products and services, and programs.

Progress Reports

The e-HLbc Administrative Centre Progress Reports provide a quick, specific outline of the previous six months' achievements. It includes information on strategic planning, licensing, membership development and support, and communications.

Membership Pledge

e-HLbc's Membership Pledge is a triennial report on the benefits and responsibilities of membership in the e-HLbc consortium.  It includes detailed information about the the overall costs of membership, cost allocation between sectors, and the membership fees for individual member institutions.

Case for Renewal

e-HLbc's Core Suite Case for Renewal is a triennial report on the costs and savings of licensing through e-HLbc. It includes detailed financial information, as well as information on qualitative benefits to partner institutions and their communities.        

  • Case for Renewal, 2018
  • Case for Renewal, 2015
  • Case for Renewal, 2012 
  • Case for Renewal, 2008 
  • Business Case, 2005

Because the Case for Renewal documents contain vendor pricing information, they must be placed behind a password. Please log into the site with the Login button (top right) and then click here to view the documents.

Financial Framework

The Financial Framework Policy provides an operating framework for understanding revenue and expenditures associated with e-HLbc's business, and offers guidelines to facilitate effective stewardship of funds.

Terms of Reference