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Strategic Plan


From Students to Professionals: A British Columbia with excellent and equitable access to trusted health information.


eHLbc: Providing the British Columbia post-secondary and health care community with consistent, high quality, cost-effective, and equitable health library resources that support and improve practice, education, and research.



The Strategic Plan 2017-2022 resulted from extensive discussions and consultations with members.

 Approved by the All Member Group, the Strategic Plan is used to:

  • Guide the consortium's work
  • Frame action planning for the consortium
  • Report progress towards eHLbc's vision and goals
  • Demonstrate accountability to stakeholders


eHLbc's approach to implementing the strategic plan:

  • Strategic Directions: Vision to guide eHLbc in the next five years.
    • Goals: Stable measurements to ensure eHLbc realizes its vision.
      • Actions: Concrete steps to take to reach the consortium's strategic directions.

The Mission, Vision, and Core Values on the first page of the Strategic Plan provide a broad overview of eHLbc's purpose and the context for eHLbc's strategic directions.

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