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How to Become an Affiliate Member

If your organization is not already a member, you can become part of e-HLbc  and start experiencing the benefits of collaboration and cost savings.

The Affiliate Membership Guidelines below detail the benefits and requirements of membership with e-HLbc. If you have any questions, please contact the e-HLbc Administrative Centre at office@ehlbc.ca or 778-782-7001.

Affiliate Membership Fee Structure

Membership Benefits

Membership Responsibilities & Requirements

Initiating the Application Process for Affiliate Membership


Affiliate Membership Fee Structure:

e-HLbc follows a membership fee structure; this fee covers the costs associated with administration and support. Licensed resources fees are billed in addition to the membership fee.

The annual membership fee for the four-year period beginning 1 April 2018 is:

  • $0.31 per FTE or headcount or
  • $650, whichever is greater (excluding taxes)
  • Affiliate membership fees are capped at $1,000.

Membership fees, as well as affiliate member FTEs and headcounts, are evaluated every four years. They will be reviewed next in summer 2022. Membership fees invoices are generally issued in April.

For a full list of available resources for subscription, see e-HLbc's list of licensed resources. Please contact the Administrative Centre for more details about the costs of subscribing to licensed resources.

Affiliate Membership Benefits


e-HLbc provides the academic and health care community with province-wide, consistent, high quality, cost-effective, equitable, and easily accessible health library e-resources that support and improve practice, education, and research. On behalf of its members, e-HLbc promotes coordination and cooperation among the post-secondary institutions and health sector organizations across British Colombia, provides a communications infrastructure for member leaders, and maintains liaison efforts with other agencies and councils as appropriate.

Members benefit from cost-effective services and solutions, training and professional development opportunities, and purchasing leverage for electronic databases and information management tools.


Some benefits of membership include:

  • Services of e-HLbc Client Support Specialist for database troubleshooting, platform migrations, invoicing, and statistical analysis
  • An orientation to the e-HLbc website, as well as access to the member resources
  • Access to 20+ databases spanning all health disciplines (exact number dependent on which databases institutions choose to subscribe to)
  • Marketing and promotional materials
  • Ongoing vendor training for e-HLbc supported products and services
  • Participation in advocacy, lobbying, leadership, and collaborative efforts as taken on by e-HLbc
  • Access to group purchasing power for licensing digital resources
  • Access to the e-HLbc communications infrastructure to assist with institutional planning purposes, budgeting, and managing change as a part of participating with e-HLbc


Affiliate Membership Responsibilities & Requirements


All institutions accepted as e-HLbc affiliate members are allowed to claim ‘affiliation’ status with e-HLbc. e-HLbc affiliate members have affiliation with e-HLbc only. Affiliation status does not extend to the host site Simon Fraser University or the BC Electronic Library Network (BC ELN).

Affiliate Member Responsbilities:

  • Embrace the vision, mission, and strategies of e-HLbc and share the core values and principles of e-HLbc;
  • Be part of a post-secondary institution or health sector organization or association operating in British Columbia or the Yukon;
  • Abide by the conditions and requirements of the various vendor licenses negotiated by e-HLbc;
  • Provide secure and authenticated access to resources, restricted to its bona fide members;
  • Subscribe to the core suite of products;
  • Pay membership and license fees annually;
  • Provide full time equivalent (FTE) numbers.


Affiliate Member Support Requirements:

  • Have IP addresses that are distinct to their organization; and or the ability to administer login and passwords to authorized members of organization;
  • Provide secure authentication if off-site database access is allowed, such as a member’s only secure web site;
  • After initial training, be able to administer vendor administration module with little assistance from e-HLbc Administrative Centre;
  • Have technical support at a workable level so that users can access e-HLbc licensed databases;
  • Have appropriate staffing support so that instructional/troubleshooting assistance to their organization’s users is available for licensed databases;
  • Promote e-HLbc by providing training to institution’s user group;
  • Participate in e-HLbc surveys and promote the project to members;
  • Participate in new product suggestions processes (subscription to resources is optional).

Initiating the Application Process for Affiliate Membership

After reviewing the Affiliate Membership Responsibilities & Requirements, please contact the e-HLbc Administrative Centre to apply for affiliate membership. In addition to agreeing to the affiliate member responsibilities and requirements, we will ask you to fill out and submit a New Affiliate Member Profile. The Administrative Centre will submit your application to the Management Committee to formally approve all applications for affiliate membership.